Advantage+ Shopping Conversion Events

We have more updates to Advantage+ Shopping campaigns.

When Meta first rolled out Advantage+ Shopping, advertisers had very few options for customization. Defaults were locked in.

Advantage+ Shopping

Since then, Meta has opened it up a bit. Here are some examples…

1. Originally, you could only optimize to maximize the number of conversions. Then value optimization was added.

Value Optimization Advantage+ Shopping

2. You couldn’t add a Cost Per Result goal. Then you could (as well as a ROAS goal when optimizing for value).

Cost Per Result Goal Advantage+ Shopping

3. You couldn’t customize placements. Now you can remove some placements in your Ad Account Settings that will apply to all Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

Placement Controls Advantage+ Shopping

Finally, the most recent change…

4. The conversion event was originally locked in as Purchase. Now you can select from any of your standard and custom events.

Advantage+ Shopping Event

You don’t even technically need to select an event that has anything to do with the purchase flow. While I wouldn’t use anything other than Purchase here, there’s nothing wrong with being able to test other options.

Maybe try out Add to Cart or Initiate Checkout and see how it goes. And since you can select from custom events, you have plenty of other options that could produce interesting results.

Always test and experiment. Report back!