Your Most Important Skill

Your most important skill as an advertiser is that you experiment. And not only do you experiment, you have a possibly weird passion for it.

You live in a constant state of curiosity. You ask yourself, “I wonder if this would work?” And you test it.

This separates you a bit from the masses, who lack the confidence to try things themselves. They ask others whether they would do something. When you ask that question, you try it.

You find creative and unique solutions to complex problems. Maybe you don’t follow popular methods or do things the way everyone else does.

You think about this stuff with a bit of a weird obsession. Sometimes you’ll build a campaign on a whim. When you hit publish, a bit of a buzz runs through you.

Ads Manager Publish

And then it’s a waiting game, anticipating those first results to come through.

Ads Manager Results

Even though you know those results don’t mean much of anything on the first day, you’re still coming back and refreshing. Excited. Curious.

Ads Manager Refresh

An effective advertiser can’t always operate within a box of expected best practices. Problems are messy and your solutions may be unique. If you think this way, you were made for this.

Anyway, that’s pretty much how I work. Is it you, too?