Advantage+ Shopping Placement Controls

We now have Advantage+ Shopping placement controls.

When you create an Advantage+ Shopping campaign, you have no control over placements. Advantage+ Placements is locked in. Meta has now provided some back-end control over this.

In your Ad Account Settings, you’ll see Account Controls at the top. Click “Placement Controls.” Toggle on “My business can only advertise on specific placements.”

There are five total placements that you can remove. Three are related to Audience Network and the other two are Facebook Marketplace and right column. You have no control over any other placements.

You have to uncheck them to remove them account-wide for Advantage+ Shopping campaigns. This applies to new and existing campaigns for the ad account.

Personally, I don’t see a great reason to use this. I wouldn’t remove placements from Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns due to effectiveness because the algorithm will sort that out for you. So, you’d need to have some other reason for doing so.

Will you use this setting?