No More CTA Button Testing

Well, that option’s gone now…

Last week, Meta started phasing out Dynamic Creative. This feature has been around since 2017, and it will be replaced by Flexible Ad Format.

Dynamic Creative is No Longer Available

While these two features are almost exactly the same, there’s one important difference.

The Difference

Dynamic Creative offers the ability to test multiple CTA button options.

CTA Button Dynamic Creative

Flexible Ad Format does not.

This is honestly annoying since the ability to test CTA buttons was one of the main reasons I used Dynamic Creative.

I’m not sure why Meta decided not to include this with Flexible Ad Format since everything else is basically the same. Both allow you to test up to 10 videos or images, five primary text options, five headlines, and five descriptions.

Flexible Ad Format

Now you’ll need to create multiple ads or use the A/B test option. Maybe it’s an oversight? Maybe Meta can easily add this to Flexible Ad Format?

We can hope.