Impact of Ad Copy and Creative

Ad copy and creative are more important than ever before…

The levers you pull to drive effective Meta ad results have evolved over the years. Some factors matter more now than before, and some factors matter a whole lot less.

The three primary ways you can impact performance now are through the Performance Goal, feeding attribution, and the ad copy and creative.

These three things are directly connected. Once you define your goal, your ad copy and creative need to attract your target audience and inspire the specific action that you want.

But Meta ads aren’t magical. Just because you set up the performance goal and put all of the necessary feeds for attribution in place doesn’t mean you’ll get good results.

You need effective ads. You need to stand out and inspire action.

Give Meta different formats and multiple text options to test.

Multiple Text Options

And make sure that it looks the way you want it in each placement.

Customize Facebook Ad Creative By Placement

Copy and creative are where you have the most control over performance.

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