Importance of the Performance Goal

The Performance Goal is central to your ad strategy. There may not be a more important step when creating a campaign…

You determine this in your ad set. The Performance Goal is the action you want most. It’s how you measure success. It’s also how Meta will measure success, and it impacts how your ads are delivered.

Performance Goal

Examples are things like conversions, leads, ThruPlays, link clicks, and landing page views.

When you use Conversions, the other important step is selecting the conversion event. Do you want purchases? Complete registrations? Some other event? This is your goal and Meta’s primary focus.

Performance Goal

The Performance Goal is one of the reasons broad targeting is possible. Without manually entering an audience, Meta will search out the people most likely to perform that goal.

Most advertisers underestimate the impact of this step. While it won’t guarantee your success, it’s often the reason a campaign fails or provides misleading or low-quality results.

If you want to consistently generate good advertising results, this is one of the areas that you must master.