Stop Obsessing Over Finding Winning Ad Creative

Do you actually need to find a winning ad creative? It’s possible that you do, but you’re doing it all wrong.

Where Advertisers Go Wrong

If you created multiple ads, stop obsessing over distribution. Most of your budget will go to one ad and a lot less will go to others. It’s possible nothing will be spent on some, depending on your number of ads and budget.

I’ve seen advertisers do crazy things. They’ll create a separate ad set to make sure the other ads are running. This is unnecessary and inefficient.

Or they’ll overreact to very small sample size results, making big changes because of what may appear to be winning or losing ad creative.

The same thing happens with Dynamic Creative and Flexible Ad Format. Advertisers freak out about one creative taking all of the budget.

But, that’s not the way any of this is supposed to work. Meta’s distribution isn’t scientific, equal, or perfect. It’s meant to be optimal, giving the data available. Your need to find a winner or make sure that certain ads run is just making you waste money.

If You Need to Find a Winner

If you actually need to find a winner, you can. Just create an A/B test and leverage those results.

Meta A/B Test

But otherwise, let go of the need to force every ad to deliver. It’s not worth the obsession.