You Don’t Always Need to Find a Winner

Look, there’s a time and place for split testing. But in some cases, it’s an unnecessary obsession that does not help you.

You’re worried about which headline works best. The primary text. Whether the background color should be blue or orange. You’re running split tests in search of the perfect combination.

And you’re spending $20 per day. Stop doing this.

I use a small budget as my example here, but truthfully this can apply for larger budgets, too — especially if you’re running several of these tests at once.

What to Do Instead

Even if Meta can find a winner for you, it’s often based on small sample sizes that are statistically insignificant. Instead of obsessing over this stuff, most advertisers can take a much simpler approach.

Use two or three different ads. In each case, provide multiple primary text and headline options.

Text Variations

Maybe even create just one ad with Dynamic Creative.

Dynamic Creative

And then, just let the algorithm do its thing.

When to Obsess?

You don’t need to run a split test in every case. Reserve these tests for long-running campaigns where you’ll spend enough to find a difference. But even then, don’t waste more time on it than you need to.

For more on creative testing, check out my blog post about the 4 Ways to Approach Creative Testing with Meta Advertising.