Do This for Non-Purchase Conversions

By “non-purchase,” I’m talking about leads, registrations, custom events for website engagement, and any other type of light-touch action. These are conversions that happen quickly, freely, and in many cases, multiple times over the course of a day or several days.

First, make sure to compare attribution. By default, reporting includes 7-day click 1-day view attribution, and that’s simply not relevant to this type of conversion. Separate it out to focus on 1-day click attribution.

Compare Attribution Settings

Almost all non-purchase conversions will happen within a day of clicking. While view-through makes sense for purchases, it’s extremely rare and unlikely for this type of conversion. If your ad didn’t inspire the click, it’s unlikely that it contributed to your conversion.

Similar lines for 7-day click. A purchase is a commitment and may not be completed immediately after the click. The typical non-purchase conversion will be completed in one visit.

Next, when you create the ad set, click “Show More Options” in the pixel section. Edit the attribution setting to be 1-day click only. Remove view-through.

Attribution Setting

When you do this, your default reporting will be 1-day click. More importantly, Meta will optimize to show your ads to people who will convert within one day of clicking, so you’re less likely to get numbers padded outside of that window.

You will still be able to see conversions that happen in those windows by comparing attribution, so those conversions won’t be completely lost. They are likely to be less common when your attribution setting is 1-day click only in the ad set.

Again, this is only for light-touch conversions. Continue to use the default 7-day click 1-day view for purchases. It’s reasonable to accept and embrace conversions beyond the direct click-to-purchase behavior in that case.