Benefit of Offline Events for Reporting

Check out this example of using offline events to help measure quality leads…

I’ve been sending offline events based on CRM activity for the past month. It was a bit of an unintended benefit as I was configuring my funnel for Conversion Leads optimization. This required that I send funnel events from my CRM for leads that I collected from instant forms.

The Results

One of the events is sent was when someone has clicked a link in my emails at least twice. This was to help flag that someone is an engaged lead. I tag all important links in my emails. They get tagged when they click the first link, which triggers an automation. When they click the second link, they get a unique tag which triggers this offline event.

Over a three week period, I collected 399 leads from instant forms at $2.25 per lead.


Of those leads, 100 clicked at least two links from my emails.


I used 28-day click attribution for that 100 event reporting because it will often take longer than 7 days for these two actions to happen. In my case, 46 did happen within 7 days. The average cost for engaged leads who clicked two links in my emails is $8.96.


28-Day Click?

I know advertisers don’t love 28-day click attribution, but this case is a bit different. We’re not talking about website events and the pixel here. We have leads from Instant Forms and offline events connected directly to those leads. This should match up completely.

It can be difficult to measure the quality of your leads, so this is one way to do it. To learn more about setting up offline events, check out this tutorial.