Quiz: Test Your Facebook Pixel Knowledge

How much do you know about the Facebook pixel? Do you know what it is, how to install it, and what it’s for? Let’s find out!

There are 20 questions in this quiz. When you’re done, I’ll give you a score.

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What is the Facebook pixel?
Which of the following will a pixel *not* allow you to do?
Where should the base pixel code be placed on your website?
What is true about targeting of pixel traffic?
Which of the following can't you do as a result of having the Facebook pixel on your website?
On which pages of your website should you add the Facebook pixel?
How can you install the pixel on your website?
How many pixels can you have?
Which of the following uses the Facebook pixel to complete the action?
How can you test to make sure that your pixel is working properly?
What does pixel event code do?
How are the details of an event (like the price, quantity, and name of a product purchased) logged with event code?
How do you add the pixel to a website you can't control?
TRUE/FALSE: The pixel makes it possible to target people based on the specific events that were performed on your website (exact product purchased, price, quantity)
Where is event code, signifying a specific type of action occurred, added to your website?
TRUE/FALSE: Facebook has the ability to detect events and automatically create them for you
TRUE/FALSE: There are ways to create pixel events without the need for additional code
Facebook can detect that an event occurs when which of the following happens?
How many pixel events can occur on a single web page?
What does a custom conversion allow you to do?