Pin Campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager

You can pin important campaigns, ad sets, and ads in Facebook Ads Manager. Sometimes the simplest tools are the most helpful.

Here’s how it works…

Pinning in Ads Manager

It doesn’t matter whether you’re viewing campaigns, ad sets, or ads within Ads Manager. But my example will be using campaigns.

Hover over the name of the campaign. Then you’ll get options for View Charts, Edit, Duplicate, and Pin.

Pin Campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager

Once you pin a campaign, it will move to the top. It will also display a blue pin icon, regardless of whether you are hovering over the name.

Pin Campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager

You can pin multiple campaigns. As far as I can tell, there’s no limit to the number of campaigns you can pin.

Pin Campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager

If you want to unpin a campaign, simply hover over the name of a pinned campaign and click “Unpin.”

Pin Campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager

Why Would You Use This?

This is a really good organizational tool.

Let’s assume that you’re running a whole bunch of campaigns, ad sets, or ads. This may apply most to ads since you’re more likely to have a lot of ads running than campaigns.

Undoubtedly, there are specific assets you care about most and that you want to watch most closely. Pin them. No more scrolling or filtering. Always at the top.

Speaking of filtering, the pins hold when you filter, too. So, if you filter by objective, for example, the campaigns that you pinned of that objective will appear at the top.


Is This New?

It’s new to me. Whether it’s been there and I’ve overlooked it or it just showed up in my Ads Manager, I can’t tell you for sure. What I do know is that everyone I’ve shown it to within my community so far hasn’t seen it before.

Of course, someone commented on a video I created that they’ve had this for a year. Is that true? Maybe. It’s also possible it’s something that was originally tested and then slowly rolled out.

It really doesn’t matter, though. It’s a good feature, and you should know about it!

Watch Video

And here’s a video I created about this feature…

Your Turn

Have you been pinning campaigns? Will you? What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!