Is Ads Manager Down?

You’ve surely run into this situation. Meta Ads Manager, Business Suite, an API, or one of the other many Meta business products isn’t working for you. Is this a known issue or are you alone?

Luckily, there’s a resource for the status and outages of Meta business products that I keep readily available.

Status and outages of Meta business products

When you go to that link, you’ll see several categories of Meta business products and whether there are any known issues. When you click into each one, you’ll uncover more details about those products and what is going on.

Here’s a closer look of what products are included in that regularly updated page…

Business Tools

This is where I typically go because the outage issues I run into most are related to Ads Manager.

Business Tools includes the following…

Ads Manager:

  • Ad Creation and Editing
  • Ads Delivery
  • Ads Reporting

Facebook and Instagram Shops:

  • Facebook and Instagram App on Shopify
  • Commerce Manager
  • Seller Onboarding
  • Checkout
  • Orders

Meta Business Suite:

  • Sharing and Content Management
  • Inbox
  • Ads Creation and Management

Instagram Boost:

  • Ads Creation
  • Ads Delivery
  • Ads Management and Reporting

Meta Work Accounts:

  • Account Management
  • Login and Sign Up
  • API and Integrations
  • Admin Center
  • Meta Work Tools

Developer Platform

This will tend to apply if you are using or managing a third-party tool that relies on one of the Meta APIs.

Developer Platform includes the following…

Facebook Login:

  • Platform Status

Graph API:

  • Average API Error Rates
  • Average API Response Time
  • Average Webhook Delay Time
  • Platform Status

Graph API status offers some interesting charts…

Messenger API for Instagram:

  • Platform Status

Messenger Platform:

  • Platform Status

WhatsApp Business API:

  • Cloud API
  • Historical Latency and Availability
  • Cloud API – Data Localization
  • WhatsApp Business Account Management
  • On-Premises Solution
  • Embedded Signup

You can dig deeper into the Cloud API section to learn more about Availability and Latency.

Transparency Tools

Transparency Tools only includes the following for now…

Ads Transparency:

  • Ad Library
  • Ad Library Report
  • Ad Library API

Your Turn

If you haven’t already bookmarked this page, make sure you do.

Do you use this resource? Let me know in the comments below!