Get the Most out of Facebook Promoted Posts [Expert Advice]

Good friend John Haydon wrote an excellent blog post this past week called Six Ways to Get More from Promoted Posts on Your Facebook Page. If you don’t know John, you should. He rocks social media with a focus on nonprofits, and you can find him here, here and everywhere.

Anyway, back to Promoted Posts. As you know, I’m a big believer in Facebook ads in general, and I’ve seen great results from Promoted Posts. But what John shared blew me away.

Promoted Posts John Haydon

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John paid less than $15 to reach more than 21,000 people, resulting in 2,580 photo views, 836 comments, 119 Page post likes, 77 link clicks, 35 Page post shares and 10 Page likes.

Are you kidding me? Those are some incredible results!

Now keep in mind that John’s Page has 15,000 Likes to begin with, and he says that this post had already begun to go viral before he promoted it. But that is part of the key here. To get great results, promote content that is already beginning to go viral. The promotion gives it a nudge to go to that next level.

Following are John’s tips to get more out of Promoted Posts, but you can read more detail about each item by reading his blog post here.

1) Mind the Gap: Be aware of the three-day age limit for Promoted Post eligibility.

2) Always Be Analyzing: Follow the stats as your ad runs.

3) Get Notified: John suggests using Hyper Alerts to stay on top of when your posts go viral.

4) Have Cash on Hand: John recommends a minimal discretionary budget so that you can promote a post on short notice.

5) Promote Awesome: If you promote good content, your money will go further. Don’t waste your money to push something that no one wants to engage with.

6) Know Thy Plan: Only promote posts that are consistent with your business goals.

Great advice! Have you tried Promoted Posts yet? Share your results below!