A Curated List of Facebook Marketing Reference Guides

Facebook’s library of guides and resources is vast, yet these references can be a bit intimidating to navigate. Fortunately, for advertisers who are in need of case studies, best practice guides, tips, resources, updates, and industry-specific information, Facebook offers a trove of helpful information presented in visually-appealing formats.

After I put together A Short Reference of Facebook One-Sheeter Guides, I realized there were some advertisers who could use some help in navigating Facebook’s reference resources in general.

Sometimes, an advertiser simply needs some pre-built documentation for themselves, or to help educate colleagues, clients, or partners about a specific topic.

Below, I’ve curated a variety of Facebook’s resource pages for topics that are relevant to a wide range of advertisers. I focused on resources that have been updated within the past two years to help ensure the information is as current as possible. Many of the resources have been updated within the past six months.

I’ve grouped these by topical area to ease navigation. To access the reference page related to any specific item, simply click on the title at the beginning of the description. Feel free to bookmark this list if you’d like!

Industry-Specific Resources

There are definitely more materials relevant to each industry in addition to those that are shown in each of these topics pages. However, what I love about these is that they provide a great focus point, and more links to training resources, case studies, and Facebook research on various topics.


Food on Facebook and Instagram: CPG Food
Includes a downloadable guide on how to partner with Facebook on product launches.

Food on Facebook and Instagram
A general guide that is not specific to CPG. This resource also includes a downloadable guide with appealing visuals and detailed presentation of data.


Play with Cars: Automotive
Includes a downloadable Creative Best Practices manual focused on the automotive industry.

Facebook Strategies for Auto Dealers
Includes a downloadable strategy and resource guide.

Auto Insurance Insights
A very basic page, this also has a downloadable guide with research on the auto insurance industry.

Tech, Telecom, and Gaming:

Technology and Telecom Facebook Resources
Includes a downloadable “B2B Creative Playbook.”

The Art and Science of Movie Marketing
A simple page that includes a link to a downloadable deck with research about what influences audience film choices.

Facebook Business for Gaming
Links to various best practices and insights related to gaming, with a focus specifically on mobile gaming.

Real Estate:

Connect Your Real Estate Business with Customers Using Facebook
Single-page resource for understanding the opportunities of Facebook for the real estate industry.


Inside Beauty
Includes a downloadable “New Beauty Decision Journey” document. Note: This resource is focused on Europe, as of the time this list was put together.

Direct Response and Online Sales

Discover Growth: Facebook Marketing Solutions for Direct Response
Includes a downloadable whitepaper and links to various resources focused on driving online sales, offline sales, lead generation, and app installs.

Global Ecommerce Market -– Facebook for Ecommerce Industries
Includes a downloadable guide called “Drive Sales with Facebook: The Guide for Retail Marketers.” This comprehensive document is 89 pages long!

Lead Ads Playbook
Includes a downloadable Lead Ads guide.

Facebook Marketplace
A general resource on Marketplace, with links to additional resources.

Facebook Marketplace for eCommerce
This is a more specific resource related to third-party integrations for Marketplace.

Creative Development and Execution

Facebook Ads Inspiration
Includes examples of creative ads, intended to serve as inspiration for design.

How to Make a Video for Facebook
Includes links to different resources for creating videos.

It’s a Great Day to Video: Tell a Story with Facebook Video Solutions
Includes resources on development and performance measurement for video ads.

Facebook Through the Lens
This video series is focused on driving inspiration for those who are creating mobile-first video ads for Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Mobile Studio
Includes guides as well as a downloadable template for creating a mobile content planning brief.

Facebook-Curated Editorial Content

Grow: By Facebook
Using Facebook’s own description for this resource: “Grow is a content and events programme that shines a light on people, companies and trends challenging the status quo.”

I would describe this as an “interesting read” resource, where Facebook aggregates interviews, opinions, and research on a variety of topics. There’s also a chatbot feature as well as an opportunity to subscribe to a mailing list.

A recent example is the “Headset and Heart” article discussing virtual reality’s power for social good.

Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection (Podcast Series)
Somewhat similar to Grow, this is a series focused on interviews with subject matter experts and conversations on topics of connection enabled (and challenged by) technology.

Facebook Success Stories/Case Studies
Here is a repository of case studies (with results, where available) that can be filtered by Business Size, Objective, Industry, Product, and Region. You can also use a search bar to look for specific companies or topics, which is great for those moments when you think to yourself, “I know I read an example case study about this somewhere!”

Holiday Campaigns

Facebook traditionally releases campaign planning guides related to the holiday season, and I imagine they will again this year. Here are the resources from last year that are already available — these could help those trying to get an early start on planning for this year:

Facebook Holidays 2018 Shopping Insights and Marketing Tips
Includes a downloadable guide for the 2018 holiday season.

Facebook Christmas 2018
Includes links to downloadable guides about email and video, along with fact sheets.

Small and Medium-Sized Business Resources

Boost Your Business
Information on participating with in-person events to learn about Facebook resources for businesses.

Build to Break by Facebook Business: Accelerating Growth for Disruptors
This is an interesting resource focused on disruption. It includes an annual report titled “The State of Disruption 2018,” as well as a “Build to Break Playbook.”

Facebook and TV

Turn Great TV Ads into Great Mobile Ads
This resource covers some best practices on adapting traditional TV creative into mobile experiences. It also links to a specific Blueprint learning course on the topic.

TV and Facebook Work Better Together
A single-page resource that links out to more in-depth topics related to measurement, planning, and creative development for campaigns that utilize both Facebook and TV components.

General Topics (which didn’t fit neatly into one of the above categories)

Zero-Friction Future
This includes a downloadable guide to reduce friction across the various stages of a consumer journey.

Facebook Events
This is a repository for more “big event” types of occasions, e.g. Cannes Lions and Facebook Summit. Along with lists of upcoming events, the page also contains recaps of past events.

And that’s all… for now :-)

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