How to Track Facebook Ad Success [VLOG #8]

So many great questions this week! I had to edit out answers to a few to keep it at about 10 minutes (sorry!).

As I say at the beginning, the quicker the answer, the more likely I am to answer it (so that I can answer as many as I can). For some more complex questions, I may simply lead you to a blog post I’ve written on the subject.

If I didn’t answer your question this week, keep on trying!

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“Did you ever cover buying likes?”
– Zach Berning

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“How do i set up power editor? How do i track ads (track pixel) on sponsored stories?”
– Daniel Andersson

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“What a good CTR for an ad? is this a good indicator of a successful ad? What is the appropriate “frequency” for an ad? how much is too much and how much is too little?”
– Alessandro Rugge

“Thanks again for taking our questions, Jon! I am curious to know how many people have been granted access to graph search, and some examples of it in use by b2b marketers?”
– Courtney Foster O’Rourke

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“In your experience what is the best way to persuade reluctant clients to invest in FB content and proper marketing strategies?”
– Robert France

“What would you say is the best skill in a marketers repertoire? e.g. design/copywriting/spotting trends/etc…”
– Collin Messer