Facebook Ad Dimensions and Character Limits [Infographic]

I find that every time I create a new Facebook ad, I’m running a Google search trying to figure out the ideal dimensions and character limits. So I decided it was time that I finally created this cheat sheet.

The below infographic provides the main specs that you need to know for three different types of Facebook ads (all promoted within the right sidebar on Facebook.com):

  • Promoting an External URL
  • Promoting your Facebook Page
  • Promoting a Facebook Page Post (shared image)

A few key things that you need to know…

Headline Character Limit

The character limit for the headline of a Facebook ad is 25. As you likely know, you have control over the headline if you promote an external URL, but not if you promote a Facebook Page, application or Event.

This makes it easy for external URL’s. Through trial and error, find the best headline that fits within 25 characters.

But the problem comes in if you are promoting a Facebook Page, application or Event that has a name with more than 25 characters. In that case, the headline will be cut off.

This is problematic since you probably won’t change the name of your Page for an ad. But this is one more reason why you need to be succinct when you choose the name of your Page.

Facebook Ad Photo

When you promote an external URL or your Facebook Page, you can choose whatever image you want (within Facebook’s guidelines, of course) to be displayed. Your image will be scaled to fit within a maximum width of 100 pixels and maximum height of 72 pixels.

Because of this, you need to be very careful. Do not pick a square or narrow image since it will then leave a random-looking white space between your image and copy. If you can, create an image specifically for this ad that is 100 x 72 pixels.

The example I provide in the infographic for promoting a post is of a shared image. Since images are so effective on Facebook, I’d also recommend them when promoting posts. In this case, the maximum height will be 90 pixels and maximum width is 90 pixels (you’ll likely share a larger photo, and it will be scaled).

Unlike the prior ads, this image will go below your copy and should be square to maximize the space you are given. I wouldn’t worry about sharing a photo that is 90 x 90 pixels. Instead, just make sure that it’s square and it will be scaled down.

Copy Limitations

With each of these Facebook ad types, the character limit for copy is 90. This means that you need to get to the point and provide a call to action within 90 characters, which is a challenge.

Once again, you’ll control this copy when promoting an external URL or promoting your Page. But if you’re promoting a Page post, the ad will be based on the actual description that you used within that Post.

If your Page post description is greater than 90 characters, it will be cut off. So it’s imperative that when you create the post that you get to the point quickly. I’d even suggest strategically making a post that you plan to promote with the proper image dimensions and character limit for your description.

Okay, so here it is. Bookmark it in case you need it later. And please, pass it on!

Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet Dimensions Character Limit