The Changeup: Facebook Timeline, Newsfeed and Scheduled Posts

Facebook Timeline News Feed Changes

This episode was broken down into the following sections:

  • The Balancing Act: Baseball vs. Work
  • Facebook Timeline Redesign
  • The “New New” News Feed
  • Organic Posts are Alive!
  • Save Time: Scheduling Posts

Mentioned and Related Links

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  • Deb

    Can we get a written blog back? I don’t have 35 mins to listen to the podcast, sorry!

    • Tim Reiss

      Deb – Download the Podcast and put the audio on 2.5x speed, transfer it to your phone (90 second process)

      • Michael

        that’s missing the point Tim ..and yes I’d love to see the written blog back as well…

        • Archie

          Agreed. Jon talks too slow, and he’s not that appealing to look at.

          When I’ve done the power editor training, being able to read instead of having to listen to every word, was super useful.

          • Lisa Roush

            here ís how you can fill up your bank-account with added cash each week; check for more information ín my profìle

    • Scott Ayres

      This is Jon’s weekly podcast.. You either listen or you don’t… Pretty simple.

      • Deb

        well, I guess I don’t. pretty simple. (and I’m a paying customer)

    • Chris Tweten

      I wrote an annotated version of this podcast for you, @michaelkanehl:disqus and @disqus_XysI2drsUB:disqus (along with anyone else without the time/patience for half an hour of audio).


      • Deb

        Thanks Chris! Reading is sooooo much faster.

  • Alexandra

    I really like your webinars, I am trying to listen to all to all of them. I do not like to get crazy with post reach, but I see something really strange with the posts on my page – on one day a post would reach 400 people getting quite a few likes, and on the other day same time or so it would reach 80 and is still getting more or less the same amount of likes. For me, or it could be because of the people’s behavior (not at home at this given time for some reason) or facebook just does what it wants… Anyway I am also organizing myself to schedule posts and so on… :)

    • Rafael Augusto Mendes Moreira

      I believe the reach metric is not always updated in real time. Sometimes the reach is equal the like or share count, instead of the number of people who actually received the post. But, after some time, the reach is shown correctly.

  • Mtn Jim Fisher

    How about a transcribed pdf of the podcast Jon?

  • Randy Ross

    written is better — not interested in podcasts. I love your stuff and frequently retweet it.

  • John Jackson

    Jon are you going to work up a page infographic with all of the dimensions for the new FB layout?