All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

Facebook Marketing Advertising Image Dimensions Jon Loomer 2014

[LAST UPDATED: September 16, 2014]

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What is the size of the Timeline Cover Photo? What is the recommended upload size of a link thumbnail? How do the dimensions differ for an uploaded image depending upon whether it’s on the Timeline, desktop News Feed, sidebar or mobile?

The truth is that it’s impossible to keep up with it all. That’s why I had this handy infographic created!

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All Facebook Marketing Ads Image Dimensions 2014

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  • Nitish Dhiman

    Great infographic Jon. You rock the show as always.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Nitish!

  • Tyler Anderson

    Solid! Nicely done, Jon. Thanks again for giving a solid resource for us agency types! ;-)

    • Jon Loomer

      Always thinking about you agency types, Tyler!

  • Donald Wilson

    Great resource Jon :) so many sizes and changes at times it gets hard to keep track of it all. Thanks for this post :)

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks Donald!

  • pestka

    What is the source of this information? How do you know that they are correct?

    • Jon Loomer

      Lots of verifying, whether in the Facebook help center or tests within each location.

  • Lior

    I once spent hours looking for these. Thanks so much Jon. What’s really helpful is to be able to download templates on photoshop or something with the dimensions preset. Maybe I’ll make them one day and just send them over.

    • Jennie

      Yes please!!

  • Pia Larson

    Beautiful! Do you mind sharing contact info for your graphic designer?

  • Miriam

    Jon, this is fabulous but can you make it printable? Love your work, as always. I don’t comment but just wanted to thank you for all those great articles. Happy 2014

    • Kendra W

      This would be a brilliant idea Jon! I would love to print a guide to hang next to my desk as a handy quick reference!

    • Final_Word

      How lazy are you? All the information and graphics are right there. You could use them to make something that you would like to print.

    • NJB

      Right click, save as, save. Open image, print image.

  • Bill Durling

    Thank you for this Jon. One quick question – do the multi-image posts (like you’ve been experimenting with recently) simply fill the same space as a shared image post?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, Bill. I’d recommend 1200×1200 upload (or smaller square) as with a typical image. That’s what I’ve been using!

      • Bill Durling

        Awesome – thanks Jon!

  • Alexandra

    Thanks so much, I read your blog with a lot of interest and it is one of the best for facebook marketing!

    • Jon Loomer


  • Rishi

    This is the best infographic on Facebook dimensions I have ever seen. Thanks Jon and keep doing great :)

  • Antonio Calero

    Excellent info Jon. Keep doing these wonderful graphs and you may be the cause of a new syndrome called “Lazy Online Marketer”, as many of us will simply browse your site or wait for your post to find some answers. But please: keep up the great job!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hah! Thanks, Antonio.

  • Alicia Vaz

    This is awesome! Thank you. Happily sharing.

  • Andrew Voirol

    Any chance you have the .AI or .PSD version of the file ? I’d love to have a folder with all the templates for each size ready to go.

    • Jon Loomer

      I don’t… But a good idea!

      • Andrew Voirol

        no prob, I’m going to create our own. I’ll send ya over a link when it’s done.

        • Jon Loomer

          We’re gonna create one, too. ;)

  • Terri Z

    Great reference, thanks Jon! Sharing…


    Awesome work Jon! You have nicely covered all important dimensions of social designing.

  • Rachel

    Hi Jon, what about recommended resolution for images such as Cover photo?

  • Travis Harper

    Really great information here. This is especially important if you are doing promoted posts. The image size can make or break a campaigns CTR. Thanks Jon!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks Travis!

  • Mark H

    Great timing for this – you have no idea how much I have to search around for proper dimensions. As an infant FB marketer, I would like to now find things like what is a page post ad, and what is a link ad that is not connected to a page and simply needs to go to a website and shows up with a big image on the newsfeed, etc.

    Thanks Jon!
    You have a new fan!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks Mark!

  • Natalene Muscat

    Danke many Jon. Super helpful – any chance of making this a little more print friendly? Cheers NM,

    • Jon Loomer

      Maybe a PDF? I’ll see what I can do!

  • asonjson

    Thanks for making this! I am very confused. If you are uploading images that are 1200×1200 for the timeline/newsfeed and they only show as 403×504, isn’t a portion getting cut off? Should you just create posts in the 403×504 size?

  • Caspar Aremi

    Hi Jon,
    great post, as always! I wondered how the newsfeed changes ( affect this? The new newsfeed announced last March is still not rolled out to everyone (only 60 of my 1400 friends have it, apparently). For the brands I work on, we try hard to make content work for both layouts, by using wide landscape images, but with the important elements in the centre so they’re still visible in the newsfeed if it’s showing the smaller version, and on the page timeline where it’s square.

    • Jon Loomer

      This should apply to the new News Feed as well. One more reason to use larger images so it scales appropriately across all formats.

  • nolalives

    This might be a blantly obvious and very stupid question, by why are the recommended upload size and the max height and width different? What size should I be uploading things in to make sure they fit correctly, the max or recommended?

  • giusirizzo

    Thank you for your great job!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, thank YOU!

  • Craig Makepeace

    Awesome Jon. And perfect timing as I’m currently going through your Power Editor course (which is increedibly helpful) and putting together my FB ad campaigns :)

    • Jon Loomer

      Nice, Craig!

  • LeBaux

    Please make this for twitter and google plus :)

  • jgil33

    What resolution would you recommend?

  • Rudyard

    Hi Jon, thanks for this! How would you advise to target mobile Android users if you sell products for which visuals are very important (such as watches in our case)? We see that on Android phones (like Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4) page post link ads only display a very small thumbnail image, as opposed to same ads on IOS where the image is as big as you set out above. The image is so small on Android that the post almost looks like a text update only. We are now considering posting special page post images targeting just these Android users. Keep up the good work, cheers from the Netherlands!

  • Leigh

    Is the recommended upload size in reference to Retina display?

  • Eric Samuel Chapman

    You always have the info I need. Thanks Jon!

  • Philip Gardner

    Jon – I though you might want to share this link with your fans. It is the “AP Social Image Maker” – a real easy way to set up ads for Facebook and other social media.

  • Agrani K Dasa

    Hi, Facebook has changed its image dimension of the page post images. What is the new dimension for vertical images?

  • Sadaf Razzaq

    That’s an amazing post acquiring a great infographics about the post image dimensions. The social media marketing helps in building good brand image and the infographics are really useful for this purpose. Thank you for sharing the great post Jon. I loved it.

  • William Morren

    This is what I was looking for, thanks!

  • pmpellicano

    My Page Post Images are all 800 x 800px but Facebook does not render it centered. Also, all pages (at least in Brazil) that use square images that were supposed to work just fine get a crap presentation like myself.

    Facebook crops the image in a square form, but align it to the left, leaving a blank space on the right.

    • pmpellicano

      I’m talking about the way images show up in the newsfeed btw.

  • thirumalesh

    Nice article…….

  • Peter Pedro Hlaváčik

    Thank you so much Jon. This is really huge comprehensive summary of all facebook image sizes.
    Love it. You’re the boss.

  • Guy Manningham

    Facebook just changed their layout…yet again. Is this the newest template or for the last version?

  • Pittsburgh_Car_Dealers

    Thanks, Jon! this is great. We see that it looks like Facebook has recently changed yet again. Do these work on the new layout?

  • Amitie

    Thanks so much – this is very useful in a sea of info and continued Facebook News Feed updates!

  • vpsean

    Jon – FYI with the most recent update to the news feed, 400×209 now scales it down into the small square. It is now 470×246

  • Pepe

    Hi Jon,
    I just noticed, that the Fb EVENT header pic is 786 * 295 px! ;)

  • Andrew Lannan

    The cover image in the Facebook app tends to cut off the edges.

    I would love if the guidelines above included a safe zone that would cover this issue for most devices.
    No one seems to have this info in their guides.

  • Borut Borut

    There is a newer design on Events and the dimension of the cover picture of events. Have you that dimensions?

  • Tyler Johnson

    Is this the most recent? Facebook changed March 2014…. this is from January 2014.

  • Marie from Musicademy

    Really useful but have you updated for the new newsfeed yet?

  • Paula

    Hi Jon, wondering if you will do an updated version given the changes to newsfeed and scheduled changes to page layout with single column timeline. Thanks!

  • Linda K

    Thanks Jon, this is so helpful. Would you be also able to advice on what is the best size for pinned post photo please?

  • Michelle Winner

    Great information and it’s wonderful to have it all in one place. And love the layout!

  • Liz

    This was great stuff! Thanks for sharing Jon.

  • JD @ Honest Mom

    This is awesome – but I just shared this link in a closed Facebook group and the nice big image didn’t show up. Only a little thumbnail. Any idea why?

    • Ryan

      I had the same thing happen except on the timeline

  • Change of Art

    Thank you for creating – and generously sharing – this timesaving info!

  • รักในหลวง คิดดีทำดีเพื่อพ่อสุข

    Thanks so much :- )

  • ez

    Thanks Jon, very helpful

  • davenathan

    Are you sure about the 470×246 page post link ad size for desktop? I have 400×209 images that are rendering just fine in the desktop news feed demo space. I’m not seeing a thumbnail for these.

    • davenathan

      Just found the answer:

      “If the uploaded image is smaller than 400×209 px, then it will render as 154×154 or 90×90 px (the largest available size)”

      But yes, 470x246px seems to be the new image size here.


  • Alex

    I appreciate you keeping this updated, Jon! Can you elaborate on what was the most recent change – maybe an update history would be helpful, rather than checking every image size.

  • Chelsea Reising

    Hey Jon,
    Can you check on the event page dimensions? We tried to upload one with the deminsions you provided, but it is too large. Also.. do you know which part of it is taken for the event sidebar and the deminsions for that? Please and thank you!

  • Maya Nahra

    the man. that’s what you are Jon. thanks so much :D

  • cassandrareid

    Fantastic info. Thank you so much for putting everything in one place.

  • Marketing Leap

    This fantastic Jon! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kevin Or

    I have a question, John. I just posted an ad and Facebook said the recommended size is 315 x 600. Why are your recommendations different?

    • Jon Loomer

      What type of ad is it, Kevin? And where did they say that?

      • Kevin Or

        FB says it when I create a paid post. It gives the optimal size as 315 x 600.

  • GMCS

    Facebook dimensions just changed again – right before my eyes as I was referencing this… Back to the drawing board? Your efforts are always appreciated!

  • Varun Gambhir

    Hi Jon, read a lot of your blog. It’s very very helpful and insightful.

    Wanted to share something we made that supplements the info on this blog post –

    it’s a rough size guide on how multi image posts publish on Facebook these days!

  • ash

    Thank you for the detailed dimension! May I also ask what is the dimension for the picture used in Offers?

  • Ro

    Hi Jon, Love your blog and newsletter. I am curious if you or any of your readers has an answer to my issue. I have a page tab and Im about to do a contest off of it. My issue is when people go to share the tab (app) on a facebook timeline, facebook grabs the PAGE avatar and banner rather than any image from the APP. I’d like it to grab an image set specific to the app. I’ve gone into developer center and changed the apps web banner and cover image but sure enough, when I try to share that app on FB is defaults back to the images from the page. If its helpful to have a reference the page is /cuatrocubo and the app is

    Thanks in advance to anyone who knows how to accomplish this or if its possible.

  • LucidGal

    There seem to have been more changes since this was published.

    • Mario Urrutia

      I guess they are cause some images post goes well on the fan page but wrong in the newsfeed

  • ANIB

    Thanks for making this! Bookmarked! But how does the Page Post image size differ from the Shared Image heights and widths? Should I just make my images 1200 x 1200 no matter what?

  • Mario Urrutia

    I have been making several tests today and find that the size 570×394 for image post fits perfectly on the new newsfeed and the new fanpage, please test it.

    • Mario Urrutia

      Was wrong about the last one, I apply the ratio 235:197 to image and works fine on old and new newsfeed also on new fanpage, i think this article would be uptaded again i guess. thanks

  • JudeThree

    Thanks for your work John, a client sent me here review sizes before I designed her FB cover and I spent waaaay too much time looking around! Thanks again, LB

  • J. Markland

    I am so thankful I found your website. Thank you for the simple breakdown of the ever changing concepts of FaceBook.

  • Angélica Waller

    Hi Jo! Which software designers use to create a sponsored AD on Facebook please? I’ve been trying to do myself (Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop) but the font always looks a little blur. I have tried all the sizes you listed above. I’m a tour guide so I try to do the marketing myself :) Tnx very much

  • 123PNW

    This is great! Do you know how the Cover and Profile images convert to mobile? I would love to do a fun cover, but don’t want it to get lost in mobile translation. Thanks!

  • Howie

    Hi Jon,

    I think there is a problem btw mobile and desktop post link image. I have post a link on the page status and upload a image (1200×630). It works well on desktop version. but when browsed using my smart phone, the post image was not showing well and it was zoomed to center of the page.

  • Ankur Sharma

    Event page cover size is 786×295 I guess. Infographic says 784.

  • Ridzuan Jahari

    Thanks for the good stuff Jon!

  • Dwumppi

    I was earlier trying this out with our FB page but when trying out the above dimensions for a page post link, it didn’t show up right eventually. Still for some reason the best size for me seems to be 600x315px, which it also suggests for our desktop ads. Is it possible that FB has not rolled out these dimensions in all markets yet?

  • Raquel

    Do you have an updated guide for the new business page layout?

  • André

    And about images inserted in comments?

  • Virtual Assistant Staffer

    Good stuff :) This really makes things simpler for our Virtual Assistants when creating graphics for our clients. Thanks Jon, Appreciate it!!

  • Krists

    You should always provide the sizes and ratio, because a 4:3 photo at 1200×900 will look much nicer when opened than a 540×540 photo. Can’t stress this enough, but still you get a lot of mistakes regarding sizes and quality. BTW, PNG ir really nice, and even nicer when it’s save compressed thus the default Facebook compression doesn’t affect it as much. Very useful for cover photos.

    It’s all about the ratio. Hope that this helps!

    • Jamie Palumbo

      sadly with facebook even if yous ave it as a PNG it converts it to a JPEG </3

  • Adam Phillips

    Hi Jon,

    RHS images have been updated recently, I came across your ads that take advantage of the larger real estate but I can’t seem to find consistent documentation of the proper dimensions. Is 128×128 the safest to use?

  • John Taylor

    In the last couple of weeks FB is squeezing horizontally posted images (distorted) on a business page I manage. I’ve tried some of the resolutions above with the same squeezed image results. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • MIchael Demsey

    This is perfect. I was looking for the detailed dimensions of facebook cover photo and how you have mentioned it is just awesome. But, I am also looking at the image in mobiles and that’s where the problem is. It is not coming properly. I came across this interesting post on dmzilla that tells about the dimensions of cover photo on both desktop and mobiles. Can you check this and let me know if this is correct or not ?

  • MIchael Demsey
  • Kandi

    I just have to say I reference this post at least once a week. Thanks for putting it together! :)

  • Naime Soydan

    Thanks, Facebook Covers photos and other graphics to this extent in the eye does not exhaust the current

  • Monica Narvaez

    Hi! Can anyone tell me the new size for milestones? :)

  • laura

    Hi Jon,
    Are you going to create an updated version for the new sizes?

  • yuri

    dimensions to facebook group?

  • Mare

    Question: does a youtube video share count as link-share (1200x627px) or video-share (1200x674px)?

  • DMZilla

    It is observed that more than 95% of Facebook Pages cover photos are only made for desktops. Very few Pages take into account how it will look in mobiles.

    Click here to see size and dimensions for Facebook page cover photo for both desktop and mobile view

  • Ellen

    Hi @jonloomer:disqus , thanks so much for this!

    I have a question: How is ‘shared image’ different from ‘page post image’?
    I posted an image to my Facebook Page with the dimensions of ‘page post image’ and it had grey space on the sides.

  • Gregory Hill

    Thanks so much! This was an amazing post!

  • Savannah Brentnall

    Are you sure about the link image dimensions? Mine are uncropped at 1200×657.

  • Burton Robertson

    Get as usual… one thing to not is on the event page photo the bottom get covered up by a date logo and the title i white text so that is something you need to know too. it’s kind of like having to leave a border or I just fade the images to black so you can read the text.. you could also fade to white to not show it at all or create a ghost effect with a slight off white color… white on white effect

  • blocalt


  • Thomas

    sweet mang! thanks :)

  • Sofia Martinsson

    Hi! Can someone help me. Every time I share a link I get that little thumbnail picture instead of a photo. Why is that? I would like the shared link to display a photo 254×133 in the sidebar and not a thumbnail image. How can i fix that?

  • fabmol


    I have an issue with the Facebook shared link image. I have designed a 1200 x 627 image and when i insert a link into my page and then upload the photo, the result is a bad quality photo. This normally happens when the dimensions arent correct which i find unusual in this case.

    I decided to test it on another page and the results were different, quality was better, still not great but an improvement. All i changed was the page.

    Any ideas what the issue could be? I have tried different compression’s, formats and the smaller ratio with no success.

    [images are attached]

    Thanks in advance


  • corina

    Hi. There is also the size of the thumbnail for the share link preview (that seems square)

    • Jon Loomer

      It’s only square if it’s the wrong size.

  • a_w_young

    With single image posts, if the “height varies” and we want to have a caption or something superimposed over the image, is their a guide for determining the cutoff?

  • Wubpocalypse

    This has proven very useful, thank you for sharing it!

  • PitchBits

    This is awesome! Great work : )

  • Nick Kringas

    Thank you Jon.

  • Jennifer Sue Wedel

    I refer to this all the time. One thing that seems to be missing is the dimensions for an image that accompanies a comment to a post? Thanks very much, Mr Loomer.

  • Quenani Leal

    Genial! Usarei essa referência muitas vezes! Obrigado Jon! :D

  • Raj

    I bookmarked this page. Very useful for reference! I posted some funny facebook memes in my website, it may be helpful for users

  • auwilkins

    Jon, I’ve tried everything I can read/think of and my image post still looks blurry/pixelated. It’s a very simple graphic with just a solid red background, black & white text and a smaller solid white graphic. I’ve tried different sizes, PNG24, PNG8, Jpg high-low, everything!!!! Please Help if you might know why. Thanks!!!

  • WHW

    I bookmarked this page. Very useful for reference! I posted some funny Facebook memes in my website, it may be helpful for users

  • WHW

    Jon, this is fabulous but can you make it printable? Love your work, as
    always. I don’t comment but just wanted to thank you for all those great
    articles. Happy 2014

  • SpamThatSEO

    I don’t think this page has enough pictures of your face plastered all over it. And more pop-ups, please. Everyone loves those.

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  • mark

    Perfect, size of the facebook pic, I was looking for. I’ve been looking for this guideline. Keep up the good work!

  • Ammar Malik

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  • Qaiser Khalil

    I was earlier trying this out with our FB page but when trying out the
    above dimensions for a page post link, it didn’t show up right
    eventually. Still for some reason the best size for me seems to be
    600x315px, which it also suggests for our desktop ads. Is it possible
    that FB has not rolled out these dimensions in all markets yet?

  • Yannis

    What is the difference between Shared Image and Page Post Image? I want to upload a new image and I don’t know which of the two to follow.

  • WebEasy

    Hi Jon, is this the most up-to-date version of the dimensions?

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    Just FYI, your this post doesn’t load at all Safari.

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    What is the difference between a Sharable Image and Page Post Image?