Who Needs a Facebook Page?

While 800 Million people are on Facebook and 500 Million log in daily, there are still some business owners who need convincing that they need a Facebook page. Who could stand to benefit?

I was going to start listing the types of people here when I realized… well… it’s everyone. Everyone with a business. Everyone with a brand. Everyone who offers services.

There are very few exceptions. If you have a physical storefront and offer any type of goods or services, you need a Facebook page. If you are entirely online without a storefront, but offer some sort of service, you need a Facebook page. If you are an artist, musician, celebrity or someone struggling to become a celebrity, you need a Facebook page. Whether you are a for profit or non-profit, it doesn’t matter… you need a Facebook page.

Go to facebook.com/pages/create.php. You’ll get a page that looks like this:

Create a Facebook Page

Do you fall into one of these categories? You probably need a Facebook page.

These are pretty broad categories, but click on each one if you’re not sure to further drill down to your business type. Chances are, you’ll find something that reflects what you do.

The former use of the term “Fan Page” led many to incorrectly assume that such a page did not apply to them. They are a small business, local or not well known. In reality, these people need a Facebook page as much as — if not more than — anyone else.

I actually represent one type of professional that straddles the edge of whether or not a page is necessary. I am completely independent. I use Facebook personally, and you can subscribe to my public content if we do not know one another. Yet… I’ll probably create a page. There is a category for me, after all (consultant).

Ultimately, it is difficult otherwise to separate business from pleasure, even when you are making some posts public and some private. I am again a good example of this. I have interests in baseball and run a website network called PastKast (which includes several Facebook pages and Twitter accounts). I want to share stories about this endeavor publicly, but such posts don’t apply to the people who are subscribed to me for digital marketing information.

In other words, a page is coming. My main issue is determining whether I need to develop a business name or create a page as myself. You must think this out and have a strategy ahead of time. We’ll get to that later.

I’d say there may be one exception to the notion that every brand or business needs a page: Anyone who handles extremely sensitive subject matter. There aren’t many who qualify. But, Facebook is social. It’s informal. Your fans will say nice things and not-so-nice things about you. It’s all valuable. But if you are in a line of work where you cannot be transparent, authentic and honest, then a Facebook page is not for you.

And really, that could apply to anyone. Some companies get on Facebook because they think they should, but aren’t ready to fully embrace the platform. You can’t drag a toe in the water and expect to be successful. You’ve got to jump all the way in.

So, in conclusion… Who needs a Facebook page? Virtually anyone who offers a product or service, whether for profit or non-profit, company or individual. But only do it if you are ready to commit.