There Are Some Crazy Things Facebook Advertisers Can Do with ChatGPT: Just Ask ChatGPT

ChatGPT and the prospects of a future fueled by AI have exploded into our consciousness during the past couple of months. It’s exciting, scary, and overwhelming.

I, like most of us, am an AI novice. I’m learning all of this now. And because of that, I’ve tried to play catch-up regarding how exactly this impacts me now and in the future.

For example, I wanted to answer the simple question of how Facebook advertisers can leverage ChatGPT and AI. I wrote a blog post about how it can help generate a Facebook ads strategy. There are certainly copy and content applications. But beyond these things, I was a bit hazy on how to best use it.

And then it occurred to me: What better way to learn the best ways to use ChatGPT as a Facebook advertiser than to ask ChatGPT?

Doggedly asking ChatGPT questions is truly the best way to learn how to use it. So, let’s give it a shot…

Basic Usage

Something I realized rather quickly is that if you ask for the best ways to leverage ChatGPT, you’re going to get some impressive — though technical — ideas. At first, I questioned whether some options were possible at all. Then I realized that there are levels of complexity.

What I mean is that most of us understand ChatGPT as a simple prompt-and-response interface. But, you can actually integrate the API to automate processes. That’s where I was lost.

We’ll get to the complex ideas in a moment. Let’s start simple.

The more you use ChatGPT, the more you’ll realize the importance of prompt engineering. Your ability to get quality responses leans heavily on your ability to write good prompts. Provide details. Be clear about what you need and why.

Here’s my prompt:

I am a Facebook advertiser. I am looking for simple ways to leverage the main ChatGPT interface that can simplify and enhance my work. I am not super technical. Please provide five specific ways that I can use this as an advertiser that don’t require access to the OpenAI API.

And here’s the response from ChatGPT:

ChatGPT Facebook Advertising Uses

This is great. ChatGPT relied on very simple applications that anyone can use, focusing on the main ChatGPT interface. The most accessible use cases for ChatGPT are around copy and generating ideas.

As always, keep asking questions. Here’s my follow-up prompt:

Thank you. Can you provide detailed step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of ChatGPT when generating ad copy that is engaging and relevant to my target audience?

Here’s the response:

ChatGPT Facebook Advertising

I wanted to get a very specific example of how I could do this. So, I asked a follow-up question that included details about the target audience and product to be promoted. How does ChatGPT suggest I attack this problem?

ChatGPT Facebook Advertising

ChatGPT provides me with a specific prompt that I can use to get the most out of it for this purpose. It’s also clear that this is a process of refining, adjusting, testing, and optimizing.

Don’t simply trust the output you get from ChatGPT, word-for-word.

Advanced Applications

I’ve been stuck in the basic usage category for most of my time since discovering ChatGPT, but I’m very curious about the advanced applications. So, let’s see what the tool itself recommends.

My prompt:

This is great, thank you. I would also like a list of the most powerful applications of ChatGPT for Facebook advertisers to help with automation and optimization. These would require integration with the OpenAI API. What 10 ideas would you recommend?

And the response:

ChatGPT Facebook Ads

These all presumably require integration with the OpenAI API. If you’re like me, these ideas all look interesting but you have no idea how to execute them.

So… Ask! Let’s continue with the chatbot idea.

My prompt:

Thanks. Please provide the specific steps to execute the chatbot automation idea that you list above. I am not technical. Do not skip steps. What applications do I need to use? How would I integrate with the API? What would this process look like?

The response:

ChatGPT Facebook Ads

I’m not technical, so there is plenty that needs clarifying. So, let’s keep pushing for details, starting with how to integrate with the API.

My prompt:

This is great. I’ll be using ManyChat. How do I integrate the OpenAI API? Please provide step-by-step instructions.

And the response:

Facebook Ads ChatGPT

I’ve noticed that the responses from ChatGPT can get off topic sometimes. That happened here when it ventured back into training the chatbot after explaining how to integrate with the API.

Since we’re there, what the heck does training the chatbot mean? Let’s get more info.

My prompt:

Great, thank you. I don’t understand the concept of training the chatbot. Please provide step-by-step instructions along with a specific example of how this is done.

ChatGPT’s response was very thorough. Here’s the first half of it that explains what it means to train the chatbot:

Facebook Ads ChatGPT

And here’s the specific example that I requested:

Facebook Ads ChatGPT

Keep Digging

We’ve learned of some great applications for ChatGPT. But we’re not done. Let’s ask for 10 more.

My prompt:

Great. Can you provide 10 super powerful examples of how I could leverage the OpenAI API with my Facebook ads account?

The response:

Facebook Ads ChatGPT

I’m most curious about the lead generation idea. How is this different from integrating with your CRM? How is it better?

My prompt:

Please tell me more about your lead generation idea. I can already integrate my CRM with my ad account to send new leads into an email sequence. How could leveraging the OpenAI API be better?

And the response:

Facebook Ads ChatGPT

I’m starting to get dizzy. So, we could score our leads based on engagement. We could personalize the messaging we send to our leads based on interests and what they do on my website. I’m still left with some big questions about execution, but this is kinda crazy.

The more I dig, the more I realize that I don’t know. All of this sounds amazing. But I will need to keep prompting to get more details on how to do these things.

About 2021

A common response I’ve heard from skeptics regarding the value of the responses from ChatGPT is that it was trained on content through 2021. The answers are outdated.

This is true. And there will surely be cases when the advice given no longer works or isn’t ideal for the current state of Facebook advertising. That is likely to be true even of some of the outputs I’ve highlighted in this post.

But focusing on that misses the point. This is truly a powerful tool for brainstorming what’s possible and getting answers. Can you imagine how powerful this will be when that historic gap no longer exists?

This technology is developing and improving quickly. Focus on the weaknesses and you’ll miss just how much it can help you.

Still Scratching the Surface

My goal right now is to keep digging. I am not an AI or ChatGPT expert. I am reading and following those who are to learn as quickly as I can what we can do with this.

The most powerful applications will help us automate mundane tasks that normally took us too long to do. We will get answers and make improvements to our work faster than we ever could before.

Some are already using it this way. I’m working to catch up.

Watch Video

Here’s a quick video that I put together to show this…

Your Turn

How are you using or thinking about using ChatGPT and AI?

Let me know in the comments below!