When Should You Edit Placements?

Advantage+ Placements is on by default, which makes all placements available.

Advantage+ Placements

The algorithm will make adjustments to placement delivery based on performance. But you have the option to remove placements.

Remove Placements

Should you remove placements? If so, when?

When to Remove Placements

If you’re looking for some super complex placement strategy, you’re going to be disappointed. This is much simpler than most advertisers think.

I almost always leave all placements on. Since the algorithm will make adjustments in real-time to make sure you get the most results for your budget, you’re unlikely to waste lots of money on placements that don’t perform.

The only time you should remove placements is when there’s a weakness due to the optimization that leads to lower quality. If you optimize for link clicks or landing page views, you probably know exactly what I mean.

Audience Network is a known source of low-quality clicks. The source of this is a combination of accidental clicks, bots (before they’re detected), and click fraud (before it’s detected and you’re eventually refunded).

But, removing Audience Network doesn’t necessarily solve the low-quality click problem. It just makes it a little better.

If you optimize for ThruPlay, Audience Network Rewarded Video could inflate your views, too. This placement rewards users of an app with virtual currency or something else in exchange for watching videos. If you breakdown your results by placement, you might see more ThruPlays than people reached — but these people don’t do anything else.

Audience Network Rewarded Video

These are issues to avoid by removing placements. But I never optimize for link clicks or landing page views now, and I rarely optimize for ThruPlay.

All Placements for Conversions

If you optimize for conversions, there just isn’t a risk of a placement leading to low-quality results. You’re not going to get low-quality purchases from Audience Network. Your ads may not get shown there at all. The algorithm adjusts if you aren’t generating the results you want as defined by your performance goal.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get low-quality leads or other results, but it’s unlikely to be because of a weakness with a placement.

That’s what I do. How do you approach placements?