When Are Ads Coming to Threads?

When are ads coming to Threads?

Meta launched Threads and it exploded to over 100 Million users in under a week. Advertisers immediately started asking, “When can we take advantage of this?”

When Threads is turned on as an ads placement, it will be HUGE.

If the growth and popularity of Threads continues, it will lead to big boost in inventory. As inventory increases, costs decrease. And that means that ads that may not have been profitable, have the potential to be profitable with lower costs.

It’s more than that, though…

A new platform with a new format means new activity and data. This provides additional ways to learn what you like and don’t like. More data to improve optimization and targeting. We may even see custom audiences based on your activities on Threads.

When will that happen?

Well, Mark Zuckerberg himself provided a clue. He said we shouldn’t expect Threads to be monetized until it reaches 1 Billion users.

That’s potentially good for users and the growth of the app. But that may be a while, especially until people within the EU can sign up.

Until then, we can only dream. What do you think?