What to Do With a New Pixel?

How should you approach advertising with a new pixel? There are lots of opinions on this, but I believe we’re overthinking it.

One of the benefits of an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign or using Advantage+ Audience is that it bakes in remarketing. Without providing targeting inputs, Meta uses past conversions, pixel data, and interactions with previous ads to find your audience.

Advantage+ Audience

But what should you do with a new business or new pixel without this data? The common assumption is that without that prior history, there’s no way to get good results. As such, you should optimize for top-of-the-funnel actions.

But, should you?

First, it will be a challenge for new businesses for a long list of reasons. Without brand recognition, a built-in audience, or any history, it’s going to take longer to get great results. No matter what you do, you should temper expectations.

Just because you lack pixel history doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try Advantage+ Shopping or Advantage+ Audience. While it does leverage historical data, it also leverages real-time data.

This will also make your ad copy and creative will be critically important. But, what else is new?

Overall, it may take longer for the algorithm to learn and your costs may be higher when you have a new pixel. But I contend this is still likely better than the alternative of optimizing for top-of-funnel actions.

And if you use Advantage+ Audience, provide targeting suggestions to get it started.

What do you think?