What the Objective Actually Does

The campaign objective isn’t that important…

Look, the objective has a purpose. It streamlines the campaign creation process by impacting the settings available in the ad set and ad. But many advertisers misunderstand what that selection means.

Campaign Objective

If you pick the Sales objective, it doesn’t mean that your ads will be shown to people likely to buy from you. It also doesn’t mean that Meta will even care about sales at all. That will only happen if you select Conversions as your Performance Goal and Purchase as your Conversion Event.

Purchase Conversion Event

You could also select Impressions as your Performance Goal. Or Link Clicks or Landing Page Views. You could select those under just about any objective, and delivery would likely be the same.

Performance Goal

Bottom line: The objective isn’t as impactful as many advertisers think. The primary motivation for choosing an objective is that it allows you to select a specific performance goal in the ad set. Otherwise, it’s just window dressing.

That doesn’t mean it’s completely worthless, but it’s important you understand what its function actually is. Otherwise, you may be misled to assume the algorithm is doing something that it isn’t.