What Do You Want People to Do?

When you analyze Meta advertising results, look beyond the core metrics in Ads Manager.

If you were to look over someone’s shoulder while they visited your website, what are the things you’d want them to do? In some cases, there may be Meta ads metrics and standard events for these actions. In others, you may need to create custom events so that you can track them.

This can give you a clearer picture to help measure performance.

When someone visits my website, I want them to…

• Spend at least a minute on a page
Scroll at least halfway down
• View the comments at the bottom
• Play embedded YouTube videos
• Click internal links
• Start an embedded audio player
• Shared my post from a social share button
• Click my chatbot to ask a question

These are important signals about the level of engagement with my content. So I created custom events with Google Tag Manager for each of the actions I mentioned.

These events give me a much fuller picture of the impact my ads are actually generating.