Threads Is In the EU

Threads is in the EU now…

Meta launched Threads, their Twitter competitor, back in July. There was criticism at the time that it was launched while missing some very basic features. Maybe more importantly, it wasn’t available for users in the European Union due to some privacy issues.

Well, that has now been corrected. Since its launch, Threads has added a desktop version, search, topics (which work like hashtags), GIFS, pinned posts, polls, audio messages, and probably some other features that I’m forgetting.

Most importantly, users in the EU now have access.

Rumors are we may soon see trending topics, possibly DMs (though it’s refreshing without them), and eventually an API.

If you haven’t jumped into Threads because you thought no one was there or it was too basic, take another look. As a marketer, there is always an advantage to jumping in as an early adopter.

I LOVE Threads so make sure you track me down @jonloomer.