Threads is Here: My 60-Second Hot Take

Threads is here and this is my 60-second hot take…

You’re going to hear all about what Instagram’s Twitter competitor doesn’t have:

No DMs.
No chronological feed.
No follow feed.
No lists.
No basic search.
No hashtags.
No gifs.
No editing.

But you know what? It’s a pretty great first entry. The features will come. And the fact that the app has had minimal issues at launch probably has something to do with it being lean.

Most importantly, it has adoption. More than 10 Million users installed Threads in the first day (or something like that, I haven’t seen a confirmed number).

It’s engaging. It’s fun. I keep seeing people say that it reminds them of social media in 2010, and in a good way.

I agree. I haven’t had this much fun with a social media app in a decade. It seems silly and corny to say, but people are happier and friendlier.

I know, it’s the honeymoon period. And yes, marketers and spammers and bots and trolls will ruin it.

But Ithis app has legs, and I would be shocked if it fails.

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This is gonna be fun…