Threads for Desktop is Here

Threads on desktop is here…

One of the biggest complaints since the launch of Threads, has been the lack of a web or desktop version. Well, that has now been corrected.

It’s a bit bare-bones, but you can now log in from the web. You can then view your feed, post, comment, all that good stuff. This is a big deal for social media managers who do a lot of their work on desktop.

The team working on Threads admits it’s a basic version, but it will be improved. And that’s kind of the whole story with Threads.

We’re seeing an early version and there will be continual improvements. Other features are coming. The most requested is Post Search, which will make a very big impact.

Beyond that, watch for the possibility of hashtags, lists, and API integration.

Will this update give Threads the boost it needs? Will it be enough for the holdouts who have been looking for a reason to leave Twitter?

What do you think?