This Never Works!

This NEVER works!

Before making or accepting this type of statement related to Meta advertising tools, features, or strategies, ask WHY it didn’t work. It didn’t work for YOU THIS time.

But what are the factors that could have contributed to it not working? What might you have been able to do differently?

Was it the objective?

What is the conversion location, performance goal, or conversion event?

What’s your budget? Is it high enough?

What’s the targeting? Did you use the old targeting methods? Which ones? Did you use Advantage+ Audience? With or without suggestions? Which suggestions?

Did you use cost controls?

Which placements did you use?

What are your ads like? How many ads did you create? Should you create more?

Did you turn on Advantage+ Creative? If not, why not?

Did you customize by placement?

It’s okay if something hasn’t worked for you, but it’s possible that it hasn’t worked for you YET.

It’s a healthier way of looking at the tools available to you.