Targeting Will Get More Difficult

It’ll only get tougher…

If you can’t imagine Meta ads without your favorite interests, or you think that targeting expansion and broad audiences are the devil, you have to see what’s coming.

It’s so obvious if you care to look. These changes are a reaction to the events of the past decade. Each one chips away at your ability to use some of your tried and true targeting methods.

Taking these things together (and more), there’s been greater attention paid to the negative impact of targeting related to things like election interference and discrimination.

Special Ad Categories

Meta isn’t just trying to be difficult by removing targeting inputs, pushing you to go broader, and making granularity more challenging. This is the direction the world is going related to privacy, tracking, and behavioral targeting.

You’ll find that the strategies you’ve been clinging to since 2014 will become less and less effective, if they haven’t already. At some point, they’re unlikely to be possible.

Understand why this is happening. Embrace the new tools and find ways to succeed in the current environment.

This stuff ain’t getting any easier.