Tailored Leads Campaigns

Should you use Tailored Leads campaigns?

Meta’s been testing Tailored Leads since at least last November. The rollout has been slow, but you may have it now.

Is there anything special about Tailored Leads compared to manual campaigns?

The process looks a lot like Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. But unlike Advantage+ Shopping, Tailored Leads doesn’t seem to offer anything unique.

There are several fixed defaults that you cannot change:

– Bid Strategy (Highest Volume)
– Advantage+ Placements
– Leads optimization

The last fixed default also means that you can’t run website lead campaigns with Tailored Leads. You can’t even select Website as a conversion location.

From all that I can tell, this just looks like a Boost button for Ads Manager. Meta prevents you from changing the basic settings to save inexperienced advertisers from themselves.

But I see nothing that would be magical or particularly interesting here. No special optimization, features, or machine learning that you won’t find manually. At least, that’s how it looks to me.

Have you tried Tailored Leads Campaigns? What do you think?