Stop Micromanaging Placements

You probably don’t need to remove placements…

There was a time when doing this made sense. The algorithm wasn’t that smart and some placements were a waste of money.

But too many advertisers make it a habit of removing placements, regardless of the situation. They determined that the right-hand column, Audience Network, or Marketplace are low-quality and never work.

SIDE NOTE: Overmanaging placements isn’t a new phenomenon. I once wrote about how advertisers needed to stop removing the right-hand column placement more than 10 years ago!

Optimizing for Conversions

While some placements may be more effective than others, and some like Audience Network have their issues, you shouldn’t always remove them.

If you optimize for any type of conversion, you’ll likely see your ads aren’t distributed much in those placements at all. The algorithm is trying to get you the most conversions and will do that as efficiently as it can.

Why restrict it?

Advantage+ Placements

Top of Funnel Optimization

Where you need to be careful is when optimizing for the top of the funnel. Meta will try to get you as many link clicks or landing page views as possible, for example, if that is your performance goal. And the algorithm can find lots of low-quality clicks from Audience Network.

Another example is Audience Network Rewarded Video. If you want ThruPlays, Meta will get you lots of ThruPlays from this placement. But it’s not because people are necessarily interested in your video. Users are rewarded by watching at least 15 seconds.

Audience Network Rewarded Video

But stop micromanaging placements when optimizing for conversions. You’ll probably just increase your costs.

Instead of obsessing over placements and other things that have minimal impact, focus on the four factors that actually matter.