Should You Focus on One Platform?

Be wary of strategies that are easy to agree with. Ask yourself WHY people agree. Here’s an example…

“You can’t be everywhere. Focus on one platform and be great there.”

People love that advice. Those who are focusing on one platform now will agree. It doesn’t matter whether they’re having success with it or not yet. It validates their approach.

People who are trying to grow on multiple platforms unsuccessfully will also agree. They can blame this lack of focus on their inability to break through.

Having one platform and doing it well is the easiest approach. People love easy. But it’s also an enormous risk.

Imagine someone telling you two years ago to focus all of your energies on Twitter. That wouldn’t look too great right about now.

If you go all-in on one platform, you absolutely may grow that one presence more quickly. But algorithms change in a heartbeat. You can’t rely on that platform forever.

People don’t gravitate to building on multiple platforms at once because it’s freaking hard. But diversification is the smartest and safest approach.

You’ll be grateful you did later.