Offline Conversions API Deprecation Delayed

Meta Offline Conversions API is going away, but not just yet…

Last year, Meta announced that the Offline Conversions API would be deprecated during the third quarter of 2024. In other words, very soon.

The Change

Well, either Meta or advertisers must not be ready for that change because the date is moving. From Meta:

The Offline Conversions API will be discontinued in May 2025. It was previously due to be deprecated in the third quarter of 2024. Starting with Graph API v17.0, the Offline Conversions API no longer supports offline events.

The Main Conversions API

This doesn’t mean that you’ll no longer be able to send offline events, which would be crazy. Offline events are critical and will become more important going forward.

There just won’t be a dedicated API for it, and you’ll need to send them using the main Conversions API.

I don’t know if this is an isolated issue, but I did hear from someone who was attempting to make the switch from the Offline Conversions API to the main API and ran into significant issues. They were seeing a drop in accepted events of 70% even though nothing should have changed. Maybe this is a widespread issue and contributes to the delay, but that would only be speculation.

The good news is you still have time, but you’ll need to start making this transition sooner than later.