How to Test Your Meta Website Events

Here’s how to test your website events…

In Events Manager, go to your data sources and select your pixel. Then go to the Test Events tab.

Click the Select Channel dropdown menu and select Website. In this video, we confirm that our website’s events are set up correctly. Just know that there are different instructions for your server events.

Expand that section. Then paste the URL where the event you want to test will occur and click “Open Website.”

I’m going to test my Video custom event. It fires when I start an embedded YouTube video on my website.

After I click that video, I head back to Events Manager. If everything is working properly, it lists out all of the events that fired. And among those events was my VideoWatched event. You can also expand it to view the parameters and other details.

This is the way I test my events, and Meta has done a good job of improving the process over the years.

How do you test your events?