Customer Acquisition: Exclude Customers

A new feature spotted in Ads Manager…

When creating a manual Sales campaign, you may see a section for Customer Acquisition in the ad set. Here’s how Meta describes it:

Show your ads to new customers only. Define your existing customers in Audience to automatically exclude them from all ad sets that have Customer Acquisition turned on.

Customer Acquisition

If this sounds familiar, it’s similar to the Budget Cap for existing customers that you can apply for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

You define your existing customers in your Ad Account Settings.

Customer Acquisition

You may have already taken this step when setting it up for Advantage+ Shopping. You can select from your current custom audiences or create new custom audiences to define your current customers.

Customer Acquisition

When you have Customer Acquisition on, your ads will not be shown to current customers. This is basically the same as manually excluding these custom audiences, but it’s based on an account-wide definition of your customers.

This may be most useful when you have a regular need to only reach new customers (prospecting), and you can centrally define who a customer is. It’s less useful if you only want to exclude those who bought the product that is sold in an ad. In those cases, you should continue to exclude audiences within the ad set.

I only have this in one ad account, so you may not have it yet. Let me know if you think this will be useful!