Audience Controls for Advantage+ Shopping

There’s a new feature to control your audience targeting for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

Within Ad Account Setup (which is found in Ad Account Settings), there’s a new section for Account Controls and a feature within it called Audience Controls. Click it!

These controls apply account-wide to new and existing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns:

1. “My business can only advertise in specific locations”

Turn this on and you can exclude specific countries, states, regions, cities, etc. Not sure why you can’t just indicate the locations to INCLUDE, but there you go. You are able to add locations in bulk, at least.

2. “My business advertises age-restricted goods or services”

Turn this on and select the minimum age of a potential customer.

These features were needed for cases where you can’t deliver to certain states or laws prevent you from serving people under a certain age. And exclusions for Location and Age aren’t allowed within Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

I wonder if Meta could do something similar account-wide for all campaigns, not just Advantage+ Shopping. The change to Living in OR Recently in has been challenging for specific types of companies.

What if there could be an account-wide location setting that could help isolate travelers for the tourism industry or local residents for service businesses? It would be different than these audience controls, but a similar concept.

What do you think?