Can 3 Ads Get Credit for a Conversion?

Make sure you understand how Meta gives credit to ads for conversions. Listen in as these two discuss.

Some important points…

1. Default Attribution

The default attribution setting is 7-day click and 1-day view.

Attribution Setting

This impacts both how your ads are delivered and conversions are reported. Meta will show your ads to people most likely to convert within that attribution setting, and the conversions reported occurred within those settings, as well.

2. Last-Touch

Meta works on a last-touch attribution model. That means that if someone engages with multiple ads, the most recent click gets credit — assuming it falls within the attribution setting.

So, assume the following situation when a user engaged with your ads…

  • Viewed Ad A without clicking 8 days ago
  • Clicked Ad B 6 days ago
  • Viewed Ad C without clicking 4 days ago
  • Clicked ad D 2 days ago
  • Viewed Ad E without clicking during the past day

Ad D would get credit because it received the most recent click within the attribution setting.

3. View-Through Conversions

If a user doesn’t click an ad, the most recent view gets credit — again, assuming it falls within the attribution setting. So, as long as a user never clicked an ad within the attribution setting, a view without clicking within a day of conversion can be credited.

View-through conversions get some scrutiny among advertisers, but that doesn’t mean they lack value.

4. Attribution Setting and Reporting

The attribution setting matters. A conversion that happens within 7 days of clicking your ad won’t always get credit by default — it depends on whether you customized the attribution setting. When using a 1-day click attribution setting, only conversions that happen within one day of clicking your ad will appear in your default reporting.

There actually are times when you should consider a 1-day click attribution setting.

5. Compare Attribution Settings

You can still view results that fall outside of your attribution setting, assuming they are covered by other attribution setting options. Use the compare attribution settings option to add columns for 1-day click, 7-day click, 28-day click, 1-day view, and 1-day engaged-view.

Compare Attribution Settings

You can then see how many conversions fell within each attribution setting.

Compare Attribution Settings