How the Attribution Setting Works

Here’s how the Attribution Setting works in Meta Ads Manager…

The Attribution Setting is found within the ad set under your performance goal. By default, attribution is set at 7-day click and 1-day view.

This means two things:

1. Meta will optimize to deliver to people most likely to convert within 7 days of clicking or 1 day of viewing your ad; and

2. Your results in Ads Manager will be displayed based on this attribution window.

You can change it to…

• 7-day click
• 1-day click or 1-day view
• 1-day click

Again, this would change both how your ads are delivered and how conversions are reported.

Regardless of the attribution setting you use, you still have access to view reporting within those other windows. Here’s how…

1. Click the Columns drop-down
2. Select Compare Attribution Settings
3. Check the box for each setting

Now you’ll see results for each attribution setting, regardless of what you used in the ad set.

The best part? You can view 28-day click. It’s like 2020 in here!

Use this to inform what attribution setting you should use in the future. But also use it to uncover conversions that weren’t reported under the attribution you were using.