Big Update to Columns Dropdown Menu

The Columns dropdown menu received a big facelift in Meta Ads Manager. Here’s how it works now…

The Columns dropdown menu in Ads Manager is where you get access to column presets, the ability to customize columns, and the compare attribution feature.

The old Columns dropdown menu was just one long list. But the new one is much better organized.

It now features…

• Your default preset
• Three popular presets
• Access to more presets
• Compare attribution settings
• And Customize columns

Click Discover More Column Presets and you’ll see presets broken down into four categories:

• Your custom presets
• Performance
• Engagement
• Sales

If you hover over any of the presets, you’ll see a quick overview of the metrics used, which is super helpful.

There’s nothing new here and nothing went away, as far as I can tell. It’s just much cleaner and better organized.

This might be one of the bigger design updates we’ve seen in Ads Manager in a while. Maybe it’s a sign of more to come? We’ll see.

What do you think?