Be Wary of Low-Budget Clients

I understand that sometimes you take what you can get. And it’s possible to get results with a low budget. But the truth is that low-budget clients are an enormous challenge and they’re often not worth the work.

You’ll likely discover that, on average, low-budget clients are more work than medium-budget clients. Clients who can’t spend often have unreasonable expectations about how far their money will go. And it’s simply more difficult to get them those results.

You may not be able to optimize for purchases because the algorithm needs volume to properly optimize. And even if you do, your results aren’t likely to be as good as when you can spend more.

Learning Phase

The reality is that you should technically do about the same amount of work for low and medium-budget clients. Yet the low-budget client, not surprisingly, won’t want to pay you more than they’re spending on their ad budget. It’s often not worth it.

If you’re going to take on low-budget clients, it’s critical that you set proper expectations. They need to understand that their money won’t go that far. They shouldn’t expect an obvious increase in sales if they’re spending $500 per month. As long as expectations are understood and you’re compensated appropriately, it’s a relationship that can work.

Budget is one of the six priorities I wrote about when picking an ads client. Read the entire post here.