How to Get Sales with a Low Budget

How do you get sales with a low budget?

It may be trendy to say that remarketing is dead and you should go broad all the time. But that may not be the right approach with a limited budget when you want sales.

It’s challenging to optimize for a purchase if you’re only spending $10 per day, for example. Meta needs data to properly learn and optimize. Consider doing this instead…

I’ve been running the campaign in this video for about 10 months now. It’s optimized for Reach and targets people who recently visited my product landing page without buying. These people will see one of two videos, maybe both during that time.

I’m only spending about $3 per day but I’d spend more if there were more people visiting that page. That budget is limited only by the amount of traffic to that page.

This ad promotes my membership, which costs $147 per month. So the purchase value is at least $147, and usually multiples of that.

During the past month and a half alone, I’ve sold 8 memberships while spending less than $3 per day. There’s even a 9th sale if you extend the click-attribution window to 28 days.

It’s really not rocket science why this is effective. I have a specific message for a very limited group of people who were on the verge of buying. That’s much less likely to work when going broad at that same limited budget. Meta will not be able to get enough data to properly learn and optimize.

This is something I do even when I’m running lots of other ads. But if you have a limited budget to work with, this is an approach to consider to help bring in sales.

It’s the low-hanging fruit!