Avoid Complicated Meta Ads Strategies

Have you noticed this, too?

The typical guru Meta ads strategy follows a similar playbook. It’s super complicated, requiring you to create lots of ad sets and ads, segment your targeting, duplicate this and that, turn this off and this on, and generally micromanage your ads.

You understand why this is, right?

Complicated Isn’t Better

The assumption is that complicated is better and more sophisticated. This allows them to brand it as the Bingo Guru Method or whatever.

But, you should question these strategies. Especially when Meta doesn’t offer documentation that supports doing much of what’s in these strategies.

If anything, Meta explicitly says not to. Meta wants you to keep it simple. Avoid Auction Overlap and Audience Fragmentation. Limit ad sets and manual adjustments. Rely on automation.

All of this conflicts with what you see in these complicated strategies. The push is for more versions and control. But, the reality is different.

There’s No Conspiracy

There’s no conspiracy to keep you from getting good results. It’s in Meta’s best interests that you do. You’ll spend more money when that happens.

If Meta agreed that these strategies were effective, they’d encourage a similar approach. They don’t.

Have you ever wondered why?