Appreciate Nuance in Meta Advertising

Be wary of people who say that there’s one way to do things. That the answer is always simple and obvious. No exceptions.

There’s a lot of this, and it’s understandable why it’s popular. Eliminate nuance and you can provide universal solutions.

People like black and white, right and wrong. We’re attracted to clarity and resist complexity.

But, you know what? Most things are messy.

There are limitless factors that impact how you should do things or the results you should expect.

What industry are you in?
Should we go after leads or purchases?
Do you have an effective website?
Do you have an established brand?
Do you have an active organic social strategy?
Are you an ecomm or service business?
Does the recommended strategy work for you?
Have you found that an unorthodox approach is more effective?

There are few universal truths in advertising or in life. There are exceptions to rules.

If you appreciate nuance in advertising, keep following my videos. Because that’s exactly how I approach it.