Ads Reaching the Wrong People?

Advertisers often complain that their ads reach people beyond the selected age, gender, or location. This is usually because they received comments from people who shouldn’t see their ads.

There are reasons this can happen, and it’s possible you’re not paying to reach these people.

But you can find out.

Use the breakdown dropdown menu and use one or both of the following:

  • Demographics: breakdown by age or gender
  • Geography: breakdown by country

This will generate separate rows based on various age groups, genders, or countries you’re paying to reach and the results for each group. This allows you to confirm whether you’re paying to reach some of these people.

Breakdown by Country

It’s possible that your results won’t unveil any surprises. But understand that there’s an organic element of your ads, too.

Someone you paid to reach could share your ad or their engagement could bring in their friends. You will not pay for these impressions, and they won’t be reflected in your Ads Manager results.

Of course, this has always been a complaint of mine. While organic engagement shouldn’t be included in the base reporting, there should be a breakdown for it. It would be amazing to view results that came from organic engagement with our ads to get a fuller picture of impact.

If the breakdown report confirms your suspicions and you’re paying to reach people beyond your targeted age or gender, it’s probably because you’re using Advantage+ Audience. You can only set minimum age and there’s no option for gender in Audience Controls.

Advantage+ Audience

If you’ve reached people who live outside of your geographic targeting, it’s likely because Ads Manager location targeting now includes anyone “living in or recently in” a location.

If you don’t like that change to location targeting, you’re not alone.