Ads Manager Needs This Custom Metric

Ads Manager needs this custom metric.

I love the compare attribution settings feature, but it creates a mess. If you click all five attribution windows, it adds five extra columns to Ads Manager. And it doesn’t just add five columns. It adds five columns to EVERY CONVERSION metric. And you have to do math to figure out what it all means.

There’s got to be a better way…

What if we could create a custom metric for this? What if we could create a formula like:

(Purchase event 28-day click) – (Purchase event 7-day click)

We would call it Purchase Event 8-28 day click. Then we could add a column to our report JUST for this metric. That way, we could put it next to our Purchase event column to show how many extra purchases happened beyond 7-day click.

Only one column. No extra math.

Or maybe there’s another way that can be built into the compare attribution settings feature. But this current method just ain’t it.

What do you think?