A Test of Advantage+ Audience

Let’s test Advantage+ Audience


One of the mysteries of Advantage+ Audience is how your ads get distributed. Advertisers have the option to provide an audience suggestion.

Advantage+ Audience Suggestions

But, that’s just a suggestion. How much does it matter?

Meta says that your suggestion will be prioritized prior to going much broader. Will it?

And if you don’t provide a suggestion, Meta should use conversion data, pixel history, and prior engagement with your ads as a guide. Will that happen?

Audience Segments

Thankfully, this no longer needs to be a mystery. We can test it.

We get a whole lot more transparency with the addition of Audience Segments to manual sales campaigns.

Audience Segments Sales Campaigns

Once you define your Engaged Audience and Existing Customers in Ad Account Settings, you can break down results to see how much of your budget is spent on your engaged audience, existing customers, and new audience.

Breakdowns by Audience Segments

My Test

I’m running a simple test, and you can do something similar. I’ve created two separate ad sets.

1. Advantage+ Audience without audience suggestions.

Advantage+ Audience

2. Advantage+ Audience with audience suggestions that mirror exactly how I defined my Engaged Audience and Existing Customers.

Advantage+ Audience

Will distribution to my audience segments be similar for each ad set? Will the first go broader than the second? Will the second dedicate more focus to remarketing?

I’ll let you know once I have meaningful results.