Are Audience Suggestions Necessary?

When using Advantage+ Audience, you have the option of providing targeting inputs. These targeting suggestions help guide Meta’s AI, which prioritizes people who meet those suggestions before going broad.

Advantage+ Audience

But, if you don’t provide suggestions, Meta uses historical data as a guide. Things like:

  • Past conversions
  • Pixel data
  • Interactions with previous ads

In other words, Advantage+ Audience will prioritize what is essentially a remarketing audience before going broader. So, in theory, you really don’t need to provide a targeting suggestion.

I get that this is a challenging spot for advertisers. The urge is to provide some kind of inputs there. It makes us feel like we’re doing something and have control over the results. But remember that leaving it empty doesn’t mean that it’s completely untargeted. It’s basically a general remarketing audience that can go broader.

The primary situation I might provide audience suggestions is if I were optimizing for top-of-the-funnel actions. This is problematic anyway due to quality concerns, but some guidance may prevent it from going completely off the rails. Otherwise, Meta probably won’t use the same activity to optimize for engagement as conversions.

Personally, I still provide some basic remarketing suggestions as a starting point, even when optimizing for conversions. This is due to habit more than anything. It’s a tough habit to break.

How about you?