9 Questions You Must Answer About Your Facebook Marketing

Struggling on Facebook Answer 9 Questions

You ooze desperation. It’s a bad look.

Today, I received a message on my Facebook Page that went like this…

Hello found you on IYL ladder please pop over and check us out too [link to Page]

What the hell is an “IYL Ladder?” Actually, I had a pretty good guess. I’ve seen this kind of garbage before. One quick Google search, and my suspicions were confirmed.

Nearly identical messages were posted on hundreds, probably thousands of Facebook Pages.

Copy. Paste. Desperate. Dumb.

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“Ladders” are really no different than the old “Tagging Sessions” schemes that I had documented back in January. These are networks of people who will mass-Like Pages in an effort to get everyone’s numbers up.

Yippee! We all get new Fans! Everybody wins!

It’s a bunch of bunk. Don’t participate in “ladders.” Don’t participate in “tagging sessions.” Don’t participate in buying Likes.

They get you absolutely nowhere. In fact, it’s worse than getting you nowhere. You are swimming with the scourge and scum of the Facebook marketing world.

Are you proud of that?

Look, I totally get that many of these people mean well. They are frustrated, desperate, budget conscious, misinformed or all of the above. They don’t know how to grow organically, so they go for the quick fix — or possibly last resort.

It’s proof that you have no idea what you’re doing. That you don’t know what translates into success online. You are valuing the wrong data. And it is a good way to make your brand look clueless.

It’s a freaking rat race to see who can get the most Facebook Fans. Meanwhile, you’ve built a house of cards.

“Hey, look, Mah! I have 3,000 Fans! Do they listen to me? No. Do they lead to business? No. Would any respectable business approve of how I got there? No. Is all of this likely destroying my EdgeRank? Probably. But… 3,000 Fans!”

You know it doesn’t feel right. There’s no way you actually think that any of these people care about your Page… right?

This ain’t 2008, people. Stop acting so naive. Don’t play the “I had no idea this was wrong” card. You know it is. And if you don’t, you might wanna call the doctor and inquire about your missing conscience and common sense.

Think I’m just being an insensitive jerk who doesn’t understand because I actually have a pretty solid audience? Look, my friend. I’ve been there.

I’ve struggled. I’ve struggled hard. My Facebook Page, in its early days, was a depressing place. In November of 2011, I wrote 38 updates. You know how many of them received at least one Like or comment?


I created a video to celebrate reaching 65 Likes to thank all of my Fans. Do you know how many people commented on or liked it?


But I didn’t give up. I’m a stubborn and determined bastard. And after a lot of hard work, I put my Page in a nice position.

I got here because I focused on what was important. I spent very little money, particularly in the first six months. The growth was natural.

In other words, you can do it, too. But stop making excuses, and stop looking for shortcuts. It’s time for a little tough love.

Want to be successful on Facebook? Begin by shifting your focus away from number of Fans or Likes. This does not determine success. The number is often a product of success, but does not lead to it.

Get it?

Focus on answering the following questions:

  1. What value can I add?
  2. How is my Page or brand unique?
  3. What can I write that people will want to read and share?
  4. How can I be interesting?
  5. Why should someone want to Like my Page?
  6. Once I get the Fans, what will I do with them?
  7. How will a Facebook audience be good for my business?
  8. How will a Facebook audience lead to revenue?
  9. How will my Page reflect my brand’s values?

If you can’t answer all of these questions, your Page has no value. No purpose.

No soul.

But not all hope is lost. Stick with me, kid, and we’ll get you there. Just listen to your gut and do what you know is right.

Work hard. Stay focused. And be a stubborn and determined bastard.